I will blog again…

My apologies for the silence; for beginning this blog and then for vanishing off the face of the earth. I’m not in the habit of starting something and not finishing it. And finish this story I shall. It just may take longer than I had at first planned…

When I began this blogging ‘journey’ I fully intended to see it through to the end, just as when I took the walk’s first step I had every intention of taking the last. Back in 1997 life was simple: I only had myself to consider, and there were no distractions on hand powerful enough to pull me from the path I’d chosen. But now, in contrast, life is not simple but full; the path I’ve chosen is no longer a solitary one, and there are distractions aplenty all around! There is my wife, for example, and my two small children, with whom I willingly and joyfully share much of each day. And there is my business, a small freelance entity of no great importance, but a business that suddenly began growing over the summer and demanded more of my time and attention than I’d anticipated. For most of my adult life I’ve been a financially challenged wanderer; but a change to that isn’t necessarily an unwelcome thing!

And then, of course, there is the distraction of the mountains that I live beneath – the Colorado Rockies – and I found myself spending more time amongst them this summer than I had planned. I walked, ran, backpacked, and sometimes just looked… alone, and in company, with family, with friends. All of this – the mountains, work, my family – filled each day this summer to the brim, and I didn’t have the time spare for writing that I’d hoped. Something had to give; something had to be given up. What was I to do: write about mountain adventures of old, or live mountain adventures anew? What would you have done?

But I WILL return to this blog and pick up where I left off. There is a great deal I wish to share: so many stories, so many photographs, so many remarkable places, and so many emotions. First, however, there is a project I have to complete, and this may take a while. So bear with me… and please accept my apologies. If I fail to blog again before next June, don’t be too surprised.

But I will tell more…


7 thoughts on “I will blog again…

    • Martin… thank you for all your comments, and thank you for reading. You make writing worthwhile!

      I won’t leave it here, I promise I’ll be back. But right now I’m fully committed to the Big Project… writing this journey as a full book. But it will take a while: I’m not a fast writer, and my life allows little dedicated time for writing. But over the past month I’ve been making progress, and there have been many late nights. So… watch this space! 😉

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